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OC Applications

An extension of the Applications page, this is the OC (Original Character) Applications page. Please be sure to read everything in the Important Information box before applying for your OC! As with the normal applications, sometimes we ask for revisions, please don't be offended! The four types of responses (Accepted, Clarification, Re-Application, Rejected) you will get still apply here.

Application Screening Note: Rejected Applications will be screened by the moderators after the rejection comment has been posted. Applications which require Clarifications are left unscreened, unless they reach the point of being Rejected. In addition, when players drop characters, their applications will also be screened. Thus all visible applications only represent the current Rivelata OC cast.

Important Information
OC Application Rules
1. Only players who have been in the game for a minimum of two months may apply for an OC.

2. You must also read the Story & Setting page, in order to familiarize yourself with Rivelata's history and culture.

3. The character must be a native to Rivelata. We will not be accepting any alternate universe OCs.

4. This should go without saying, but once you get accepted, keep them in-character. While we do understand that OCs have a lot of room for development within a game and that they are your creation, that does not mean that it's okay to disregard your character's application/previous development and run off in any which direction you please. Treat them like you'd treat a canon character and think "is this something this character would do?" first.

5. In relation to the previous rule, please, no Mary Sues. That's a given though, and the mods will never accept these characters anyway.
Mini FAQ
• Can my character be a god/noble/royalty/etc?
No. If needed, those characters will be NPC'd.

• Can my character know magic?
Certainly! Magic isn't restricted just to the Gods, you know. However, the character's power level must be reasonable. Just as canon powerful characters have their powers dampened, OCs are also not allowed to reach high levels of power.

• So what's the deal with natives and the journals?
Basically, our story is this: the natives simply didn't need them. They received information from word of mouth and besides, they know the land much better than the Off Worlders anyway. However, it appears that something has become keen on further connecting the natives to the others, for lately, some natives have woken up to find their own, brand new magical journal sitting quietly somewhere in their home.

• Can my character be from somewhere else in Ce Monde?
As of right now, no, they can only be natives to Rivelata. However, this may change in the future when more of Ce Monde is revealed!

• How many OCs can I have?
The current limit is two, and you must wait at least one month after applying for the first OC before you may apply for the second.

If you have any further questions, please ask via the FAQ or by emailing the moderators at rivelata[AT]gmail[DOT]com! This page is solely for OC Applications.

OC Applications
HTML Requirements and Content
Note: In the comment title, put "OC Application for" and the character's name. It will aid the moderators if you do NOT include a #/# format at the end of each comment and instead keep the same title for each comment. When you reply to moderator comments, please keep the "Re: ABCNXYZ" format in the comment title.

General Guidelines
• Watch your spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Consider reading over everything several times and using a spell check before submitting.
• Format your application so it is easily readable. Double space between paragraphs, don't give huge blocks of text.
• Pay attention to the minimum requirements for certain application sections, listed below. You will be asked to revise them if you don't meet them the first time.
Application Content

NAME: Your name or alias.
PERSONAL LJ: Your personal LiveJournal. Not required, but preferred.
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S): Emails are required, because we need this to contact you if issues come up. Additionally, please list your usernames on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, whatever you happen to use. Not required, but recommended.

TIMEZONE: The timezone you live in.


NAME(S): Your character's name and any important aliases.
PB: The person who will be representing your character's appearance, if applicable.
OCCUPATION: What do they do for a living (if applicable)? Job titles are preferred, as a description should go in Background.

As stated in the rules for applying for OCs, you must read the Story & Setting page; and this would be the section that that knowledge comes into play. Using the information you have from both that page and your knowledge from just playing in the game thus far, create a reasonable and believable history for your character, including important experiences and turning points in their life. Things to consider adding in this section: family ties, what they for a living, general lifestyle, etc. Backgrounds should be a minimum of 500 words.

What traits make your character unique? How do they interact with the Off Worlders? The other natives? Is your character more or less mature than their actual age, or even the age they appear to be? What kind of morals do they have? You should include whatever is most integral to the character. This section should be 200 words, but preferably more. This is one of the sections that we pay the most attention to, so don't be afraid to go into detail!

This is an important sub-category of Personality when it comes to OCs, for it will both get you thinking and help convince us that your character has enough depth to be accepted. Is your character a natural born leader? Are they a master blacksmith? Do they find it hard to socialize? Are they horribly stubborn, a master of lies, or one of the best parental figures in Rivelata? Please do your best to keep your character balanced and believable -- remember, not everyone is perfect.

Does your character have any magical/superhuman ability (i.e. a practitioner of magic or stronger than the average person)? If so, please explain how they acquired it. "A mysterious event in the past" won't cut it for this section.

A sample of how you would write prose for your character in a log in rivelatalogs. Minimum of 250 words, but more is quite acceptable.

A sample of how your character would be speaking if they were posting in rivelata. Minimum of 5 sentences, but more is quite acceptable.

Anything else you need to add? Also, please remember to include your Activity Check. Thanks!

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