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In order to apply to Rivelata, please first check out the FAQ! Then, just fill out the form below and post it here. Sometimes we ask for revisions or sources, particularly with regards to magical powers; please don't be offended! There are four types of responses you will get: "Accepted!", a request for "Clarification", recommendations towards a new application, or a rejection notice.

Rivelata processes applications twice a week.

Application Screening Note: Rejected Applications will be screened by the moderators after the rejection comment has been posted. Applications which require Clarifications are left unscreened, unless they reach the point of being Rejected. In addition, when players drop characters, their applications will also be screened. Thus all visible applications ONLY represent the current Rivelata cast.

HTML Requirements and Content
Note: In the comment title, put "Application for" and the character's name. It will aid the moderators if you do NOT include a #/# format at the end of each comment and instead keep the same title for each comment. When you reply to moderator comments, please keep the "Re: ABCNXYZ" format in the comment title.

General Guidelines

• Watch your spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Consider reading over your application several times and running it through a spell check before submitting.
• Format your application so it is easily readable. Double space between paragraphs, don't give huge blocks of text.
• Pay attention to the minimum requirements for certain application sections, listed below. You will be asked to revise them if you don't meet them the first time.
Application Content

NAME: Your name or alias.
PERSONAL LJ: Your personal LiveJournal. Not required, but preferred.
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S): Emails are required, because we need this to contact you if issues come up. Additionally, please list your AIM username. Not required, but recommended.
TIMEZONE: The timezone you live in.

NAME(S):  Your character's name and any important aliases.
FANDOM:  The show, book, movie, etc. that they come from.
Please provide at least two(2) links with background information on your character. This can be a source such as Wikipedia or any fan wikia/fansite.
[Link #1: Please describe the link(ex. Wikipedia article, fansite, etc.)]
[Link #2: Please describe the link(ex. Wikipedia article, fansite, translated manga, etc.)], repeat as necessary.

We reserve the right to ask for additional links if needed.

If you cannot provide a substantial amount of information on your character, we ask that you write the background history. Any written backgrounds should be a minimum of 500 words.
At what point in your character's canon are they being pulled from? Why is it significant that you took the character from the moment you're describing? What happened for the last couple of chapters, episodes, etc. that would most significantly impact your character upon their arrival? This section should be 3-5 sentences in length.

What traits make your character unique? How do they interact with their canon-mates? Is your character more or less mature than their actual age, or even the age they appear to be? Are they part of a specific race, animal species, or are they a form of robot? Are they a part of some specific culture? You should include whatever is most integral to the character, and provide examples from canon as a backing for certain aspects of your character's overall personality. This section should be at least 350 words, but preferably more. This is one of the sections that we pay the most attention to, so don't be afraid to go into detail!

Please describe any powers or abilities that your character possesses that come naturally to them. In addition, please describe any powers or qualities that your character possesses that are considered enhanced or unnatural.

Optional: [Link to any additional information on Special Abilities]

A sample of how you would write prose for your character in a log in rivelatalogs. We would prefer that this be an "arrival" scene, but any scene is fine. Minimum of 250 words, but more is quite acceptable.

Optional: In addition to your sample, you may also provide links to third person samples from other games, museboxes, etc.

[Link], repeat as necessary.

A sample of how your character would be speaking if they were posting in rivelata. Minimum of 5 sentences, but more is quite acceptable.

Optional: In addition to your sample, you may also provide links to first person samples from other games, museboxes, etc.

[Link], repeat as necessary.

Anything else you need to add? Please note if your character was on reserve here, or if you need to include your activity check, or additional information links, etc., if applicable. Thanks!

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